Getting Setup

Climate Angel is your guide to climate investing. First, we will setup your Angellist account and then we will help you apply to Lead Investors (called syndicates) who will invite you to join their investments.

Become an Investor

Angel investing is inherently risky. For this reason, investors must meet either an income or asset criteria link.

Investing early can also be satisfying. In many cases, you'll see companies grow and become large players in their field.

Angel investing can become a portion of your investment portfolio and can have an impact on the world.

1. Create an Angellist account

Angellist is the largest platform for angel investing. The first step to creating an account is clicking on the Join page in the top right.

2. Apply to become an investor

Now that you have an angellist account, you can go to the Start Investing page and apply to become an investor!

You'll be asked about your experience, goals, and accredidation status. Don't worry, it takes less than 10 minutes and you don't have to have investment experience.

3. Provide accredidation documents

Once your investment profile is approved you'll be able to become certified as an accredited investor.

You can go to the form by clicking on your avatar, selecting settings, and investor status. Or you can click here to go directly and upload documents to confirm your status.

Checkout Angellist's accredidation resources here.