Getting Setup

Climate Angel is your guide to climate investing. First, we will setup your Angellist account and then we will help you apply to Lead Investors (called syndicates) who will invite you to join their investments.

Start Investing

1. Find syndicates

Once you're an accredited investor you can view the syndicates page focusing on climate on the Angellist platform.

The angels listed on the homepage are a great place to start too.

2. Apply to a Syndicate

When you find an investor who you want to invest alongside of, you can apply to join their syndicate.

The application is fairly short and should focus on three things: your background, your investment goals, and what you like about them.

Hi Jude,

I'm reaching out because I appreciate your goal of accelerating business and science. As a lead on Firefox DevTools, I'm working on making web development more approachable and affordable.

As an investor, I hope to support companies that will make tech more accessible and the climate more sustainable.

Checkout Angellist's syndicate resources here.

3. Review invited deals

4. Invest in deals